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  • 21E21 EnLIST2.1 RM
    • An attractive line with great defense!
    • Great standability with a bump in yield
    • Strong disease package
    • The complete package!
  • 23F23 XFlex2.3 RM
    • Top yields from East to West
    • Solid agronomic package
    • Taller plant type
    • A very versatile variety
  • 2539C Conv2.5 RM
    • Nice height with good width to fill rows quickly
    • Strong IDC and SCN ratings
    • Strong multiyear performance
    • Good potential fit for wide geography
  • 25E18 EnLIST2.5 RM
    • Raising the bar for yield potential!
    • Resistant to Stem Canker, BSR and Frogeye
    • Can cover lots of acres and environments
    • Keep seeding rates below 150k to alleviate lodging
  • 26F23 XFlex2.6 RM
    • Solid agronomics and health
    • Excels in higher yield environments
    • Above average IDC and SWM
    • Adds Liberty Link Tolerance to Xtend
  • 27C10 Conv2.7 RM
    • Fantastic multiyear data
    • Loads of pods in the plant's midsection
    • Attractive plant type
    • Very strong plant health
  • 27F21 XFlex2.7 RM
    • A new line with high yields
    • Works well East to West
    • A great product for notill
    • Watch areas prone to SWM
  • 2848E EnLIST2.7 RM
    • A medium tall line that works anywhere
    • Handles stress very well
    • A solid, proven line
    • Uniform line with great eye appeal
  • 28F12 XFlex2.8 RM
    • A 2.8 line built for the Central and Eastern Midwest
    • Carries the Rps1k3a for PRR
    • Medtall plant with good standability
    • Adds Liberty Link Tolerance to Xtend
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