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  • 0379GL GTLL0.3 RM
    • Elite, multiyear performance
    • Replaces all LibertyLink lines in this RM
    • Very eye appealing plant type
    • Loves MN and the Dakota's
  • 0859E EnLIST0.8 RM
    • Proven performance over multiple years
    • Great uniformity and standability
    • Rps 3a Phytophthora Gene
  • 1059E EnLIST1.0 RM
    • Key performer
    • Excellent IDC scores
    • Consistent appearance across multiple environments
    • Loves high yield farms
  • 1159E EnLIST1.1 RM
    • Outright replacement for 1196CLL
    • Moves south well as an early variety
    • Upright medium bush plant
    • Great companion to 1059E
  • 1359E EnLIST1.3 RM
    • Must have on every farm in this maturity!
    • Strong agronomic package across all characteristics
    • Loves Western MN and Dakota's
    • Setting the bar for Enlist varieties
  • 1468GL GTLL1.4 RM
    • Loves WI & MN
    • Strong defensive package
    • Proven and reliable performance
    • Yields with fuller season varieties
  • 1638X Xtend1.6 RM
    • Destined to become a favorite
    • Great SWM scores
    • Needs to be planted on every farm in this RM
    • Dominant yield for maturity range
  • 1679GL GTLL1.6 RM
    • Key line for SCN, PRR, IDC, BSR, SWM
    • Excellent standability
    • Gets better from Central MN and east
    • Loves high yield environments
  • 1838X Xtend1.8 RM
    • Broadly adapted east to west
    • Solid disease package
    • MedTall plant height with good branching
    • BSR resistant variety in key maturity
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